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March 9th, 2010

Utah Legislature needs to consider bottle bill

By Juliann Fritz from the Park Record

Beverage containers make up about 80 percent of all disposable containers sold in the United States and only 24 percent of the 1.55 billion produced in Utah get recycled. Isn’t it time Utah thought about a Beverage Container Deposit Act? Get more info here.


Airline Recycling rates grounded

A new report released by Green America's consumer watchdog Web site,, reveals that the airline industry has a lot to learn about the art of diversion. A non-profit consumer organization, Green America's What Goes Up, Must Go Down: The Sorry State of Recycling in the Airline Industry report divulges that the airline industry generates over 440,000 tons of material annually - the average airline passenger generates 1.3 pounds of material per flight - 75 percent of which could be recycled, but only 20 percent is. Read the report here.

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  • Increase your food packaging savvy!

  • Volunteer of the Month for March 2010!!! Congratulations Charlene Nestel! Thank you for your continued dedication and relentless hard work at Recycle Utah. Where would we be with out you? Want to volunteer and be a part of our 'Pay It Forward Rewards" program? Call Britte for more details - 435-649-9698

  • The Olympics have come and gone, but the gold, silver and bronze medals awarded this year keep on giving - they contained metals recovered from end-of-life electronics. The metals handed out in the 2010 Winter Olympics came from e-scrap processed by local B.C. firm Teck Resources Ltd., and Brussels, Belgium-based Umicore … (Source: Resource Recycling)

  • Got Ideas for New Collection Programs at Recycle Utah? Call us or stop in the office and share your creativity!

    "If we can choose our future, and I believe we can, then we should do it mindfully, attentively, deliberately and hopefully. Now."
    - Chip Ward Utah Author, Canaries on the Rim

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